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How to make a bonsai turntable

I was hanging out at Adair Martin's garden and saw his turntable made out of an old barber chair. So I decided to make a similar one, as the ones available online were around 500$.

Step 1) I purchased the base of an old barber chair. I would recommend checking your local FB marketplace or GoodWill.

Step 2) I used a 6x6 to increase the height of the turntable. I work with a lot of medium and small trees hence wanted the turntable to be a little higher. I also cut a piece of wood a little bigger than the 6x6 to increase the strength of the turntable.

Step 3) In addition to screwing the 2 piece of wood, I also added glue to strengthen it.

Step 4) The base of the turntable is on an incline so I added washers to level the base.

Step 5) Time to screw and glue the 2 feet round wood board from Home Depot. Make sure to stain and seal it.

Step 6 ) Now let it rest with something heavy on top.

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